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The pasUnity Watcher Agent monitors folders on the local machine for new, edited, or removed files.  When a file appears in a monitored folder that meets the filter conditions of a Watcher impeller the file is queued up for processing by the pasUnity Processor Agent which executes jobs designed to process those files.  Work remains in the queue until such time as the pasUnity Processor Agent has successfully processed the work or an end-user manually removes the work from the queue.


This service is controlled in a manner similar to other pasUnity services.  For details common to all services click here.


The registered Windows service name of the pasUnity Watcher Agent is pasUnityWatcher and by default it runs in the LocalSystem user account.  The LocalSystem account is a fairly powerful account but it may not have access to the folders you wish to monitor in which case changes made to monitored folders will not trigger job execution.  You may need to change it to run as a Windows Domain Account if you need access to monitor folders on the network.


The Watcher agent is capable of monitoring folders on a remote server as long as it is running in a service account configured to use a Windows Domain account and that account has permission to read the remote folder.  The folder must also be accessible using UNC names (those that take the format \\SERVERNAME\SHARENAME will work).  In order to process files on remote servers the pasUnity Processor Agent must also be running in a Domain Account with at least read permissions.


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