Working with Agent Services




pasUnity services are specialized programs that run in the background regardless of whether a user is logged on or not.  Services are where the real work gets done in pasUnity.


Service Requirements


In order to run a pasUnity service the instance must first be licensed.  Without a license the services will shut themselves down immediately after startup and write a failure notification to the Application event log.  To license your instance of pasUnity refer to the licensing topic here.


Controlling Services


Services can be controlled using a variety of methods including the Windows Service Manager and PowerShell from within the operating system or from the Service menu within pasUnity.  In order to control the services from within pasUnity the interactive user must have permission to manipulate services.  If running on a machine with the UAC enabled the application will also need to be run as an administrator from the context menu in Windows.


Services Credentials


Most services are installed by default to run in the LocalSystem account .  You may wish to alter the service account after installation to run as either local or domain user accounts with custom privileges.  This is supported, recommended, and in some scenarios even required.


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