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Upon startup the pasUnity Processor Agent begins polling the database at regular intervals for work.  Work is any job that has been placed in the execution queue and the conditions that placed it there.  Work is enqueued by one of many types of impellers such as schedules, file system changes, email message receipt, or incoming web service payloads.  The agent then executes jobs.  The agent executes the jobs by breaking them down into their constituent job steps for serial execution.  The job concludes by removing the work from the queue, writing history records, and optionally recording job details to the Windows Event Viewer Application log and optionally sending success/failure notifications.  After the agent has performed all work in the queue it pauses for a brief period before the process starts all over again.


This service is controlled in a manner similar to other pasUnity services.  For details common to all services click here.


The registered Windows service name of the pasUnity Processor Agent is pasUnityProcessor and by default it runs in the LocalSystem user account.  Alternatively, the LocalService account is a fairly low-powered account and it may not be sufficient to properly execute many types of pasUnity job steps.  You may need to change it to run as a local user account with higher privileges, or a Windows Domain Account if you need access to resources on the network.


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