pasFusion: Excel-Based Extensibility


pasFusion is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that makes working with other components in the pasUNITY Enterprise Suite a snap.


How it Works


To begin a user installs the pasFusion add-in and its prerequisites on a host with Microsoft Excel installed. Installation is a simple process that can be completed in mere seconds.


Now each end-user uses the add-in from with Microsoft Excel to interface other pasUNITY Enterprise Suite products.  Users can create and maintain pasTransfer mapping sheets stored in the pasPortal, send data directly to the pasTransfer ETL services, download file from and upload files to the pasUnity automation system, and script common ETL tasks in VBA and macros.


Product Highlights


Excel Add-In with support for Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016

Uses the same web-service API shared by other pasUnity components

Create and manage ETL mapping sheets for use by pasTransfer

Design and maintain lookup sheets for use in pasUnity macros

Download from and upload to pasUnity Matrix drop boxes

Provides accountants a familiar interface for pasUnity components


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