pasPortal: Collaborative UI and Security


pasPortal is a browser based application and security framework.  It provides the basic collaborative capabilities that one expects from a portal application and extends and expands on those features to provide a user interface and security framework for the full set of pasUNITY Enterprise Suite applications.


pasPortal takes advantage of the latest is design principles and is designed for the widest array of browser capabilities recognizing that not every customer is on the bleeding edge of technology and our solutions need to just work.


How it Works


Browser-based collaborative users navigate to the site where they can logon and take advantage of any of the over 60 content modules that allow for the rapid construction and use of custom dashboards tailored to a company, department, or project.  Content is easy to design and applying security is even easier.


pasUNITY Enterprise Suite customers can plug their local applications into the robust security framework provided by pasPortal to centrally secure and manage all their applications whether they are hosted in the cloud, on premises, or distributed across multiple sites.


Product Highlights


HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3 browser-based UI

Extensible and granular role-based security framework with SSO

True multi-tenancy with delegated administrative functions

Collaborative capabilities (i.e. document sharing, discussion groups)

Management and user interface for other pasUnity applications

Gateway to RemoteApp applications in the pasUNITY Enterprise Data Center

Shares common web-services framework with all other applications

Glue that ties all pasUnity products together


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