pasTransfer: Accounting-Centric ETL


pasTransfer is a highly specialized ETL (extract/transform/load) tool designed to move accounting data from one platform/product/format to another.


Unlike other ETL tools pasTransfer places more emphasis on accounting knowledge rather than technical skills in operation of the user interface. The application implements the specialized technical logic for reading/writing from/to sources/destinations formats so that the operator can focus on the accounting data and not the data format.


In technical terms pasTransfer is a Windows application with a graphical user interface for interacting with and configuring ETL operations between accounting systems.


pasTransfer has connections to several hundred commercially available products both as destinations and sources.


How it Works


To begin, a system administrator installs and performs basic software configuration on a host. Installation is a simple process that can be completed in mere seconds.


Next, a skilled accounting user uses the pasTransfer graphical user interface to configure ETL transfers by configuring job attributes and specifying the location of source and destination data and mapping settings.


Finally, end users can launch the GUI and begin performing searches against search terms and keywords.


Product Highlights


Powerful extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) tools

Unique Source => Neutral => Destination engine with pluggable sources/destinations

Wizard-based, one-time configuration

Flexible mapping engine with support for splits and allocations

Powerful accounting-centric macro language

Web-service enabled execution of transformations

Universal connections for SQL Server, OLEDB, ODBC, Text, and Excel

Custom connections for complex formats and vendor supported APIs

Ledger, Account, Vendor, and General wizards tailored to task


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