Subscriptions allow you to track content in specific modules for changes and manage how you are notified when that content changes.


Subscribing and Unsubscribing


Some modules will have a module menu as detailed in the navigation topic represented by an  icon which when clicked opens a drop down menu.  If the module in question contains content to which you can subscribe you will see a Subscribe icon which you can click to create a new subscription or an Unsubscribe icon which you can click to remove an existing subscription.


Viewing Subscriptions


If any subscription notifications exist for any modules that you are subscribed to that you have not yet viewed you will see a  subscriptions icon in portal navigation menu at the top of the page.  Clicking this icon will display a sortable data table that outlines all the changes to subscribed content since you last reviewed your subscription activity and marked it as reviewed.  By clicking the name of the item in the subscription list you will instantly navigate to the location of the content where it can be readily viewed.  Once you have reviewed your subscriptions press the Mark as Reviewed button to clear the list.


Managing Subscription Preferences


To manage your preferences you can navigate to the Subscriptions tab in the profile editor.  This shows a list of module subscriptions the account has subscribed to.  Subscriptions allow end-users to receive notifications when content in specific modules is changed.  Additionally, the end-user can specify how they are notified when content changes.  Clicking the name of a subscription will immediately navigate the user to the location of the content.  Alternatively, the end-use can click the glasses icon to view the content in a dialog window without navigating the content location.  The end-user can also change the notification frequency for each subscription (never email, daily email, and immediate email).


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