Who Is On




The Who Is On module allows administrative users to review summary information about all active sessions.


This module functions outside the realm of the normal permissions hierarchy.  It can be viewed by any user with membership in Site Administrators, Security Administrators, or Dashboard Management site-level roles with no regard to permissions assigned to the tab on which the module is placed.  For more information on the roles referenced in this section please see the role based security topic.  Administrative users can configure additional module settings by clicking the  button.


Members of the Site Administrators and Security Administrators will see data encompassing all sessions in the entire system whereas members of Dashboard Management will only be able to see sessions active in the current dashboard for dashboards where they have been designated as administrators.


The current session details are displayed in a sortable data table which can be sorted by clicking on the name of any column header.  An administrative user can start impersonation by clicking on the  button if present.  Send the user an email message from your locally installed mail client by clicking the envelope icon.  View the user agent of the browse by hovering over the  icon.  Clicking the User Name value will open the profile editor where account details and permissions can be managed.


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