Checklist Configuration




The Checklist module allows for the configuration of custom attributes in addition to standard module attributes.


For settings common to all modules please see the modules settings topic.  Settings specific to this module are detailed below.


Checklist module custom configuration elements exist so that a user can specify the context (Checklist Tree and Checklist Item) that is displayed in the module.  Prior to configuration Checklist Tree and Checklist items are created and managed via the Checklist Manager module.


Select the Tree to Retrieve Available Check Lists: Choose an available Checklist Tree from the drop down box.  It is important to note that if the module is placed on a site-level tab only site-level Checklist Trees can be selected.  If the module is placed on a dashboard-level tab either dashboard-level or site-level Checklist Tree selection.  Upon selecting a Checklist Tree, the Checklist item drop down list will populate with valid selections.

Select the Check List to Display: Once you have chosen a Checklist Tree in the above step, all defined checklists within that tree will be available to be chosen for display.  A user with admin rights must also configure the Checklist itself in the Checklist Manager (Admin) module in order to see data listed in the drop down. Once configuration has been complete, you can select a Checklist from the drop down.

Offset for Initial Status Date (days): This option allows you to change the date offset for the displayed checklist information in single day increments.  The default value is zero which represents the current date.  A value of -1 would subtract one day from the current date and would result in the module defaulting to yesterday's date.


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