Collector Agent




The pasUnity Collector Agent polls POP3 mail servers at regular intervals looking for new mail messages in monitored mailboxes.  When messages are found they are copied to the pasUnity central database where they can be more efficiently processed.  Message headers can be filtered on for criteria that can be used to enqueue work that the pasUnity Processor Agent uses to launch jobs designed to process those messages and their attachments.  Work remains in the queue until such time as the pasUnity Processor Agent has successfully processed the work or an end-user manually removes the work from the queue or deletes the message from the system.


This service is controlled in a manner similar to other pasUnity services.  For details common to all services click here.


The registered Windows service name of the pasUnity Collector Agent is pasUnityCollector and by default it runs in the LocalSystem user account.  There should not be a need to modify this account.


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