The Message impeller is used to enqueue a job for execution when a message containing headers meeting certain criteria is collected by the pasUnity Collector Agent service and stored in the database for further processing.


This impeller extends basic impeller functionality.  For details common to all job impellers click here.


In addition to the common attributes shared by all impellers this impeller type has the following attributes:

Account Scope: The POP3 account which is monitored for messages that can potentially activate the impeller.  This is a required value.  If it is set to <None> the impeller will not enqueue work.  If the target account is deleted the impeller will be disabled until a different account is selected.

Trap Criteria: A collection of header names and values.  SQL Server wildcards such as % for any number of characters may be used.  For detailed information on wildcards see the Wildcards topic.  Checking the Exclude box will prevent a header value from allowing message selection.  A common use of Exclude would be to reject incoming messages with phrases such as OUT OF OFFICE in the subject.

Known Headers: A list of headers that the system has recently encountered.  This list is generated from the list of headers on messages stored in the pasUnity database.  You can double-click a known header to add it to the criteria grid for further editing.

Header Name: Identifies the field to check the criteria against.

Exclude: If this box is checked the impeller will exclude all emails which match that criteria.

Header Value: Identifies the value to check against the field.

Criteria Matches: This tab will take the criteria you have entered and quickly apply it to all messages in the database so that you can test your filter conditions against existing message to see if they are effective.  You must click update in order to view the matches of the updated trap criteria.

After making changes be sure to press the Update button to save your changes.

NOTE: The application manufactures synthetic headers that are not actually contained on the source message for the purpose writing rules.  These headers start with the pattern x-unity- and represent information about the message gleaned from processing attachments, content, and headers.

NOTE: This impeller is dependent on messages collected by the pasUnity Collector Agent service.


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