This page automatically appears the first time that you launch the wizard.  You are given the option to skip the Welcome page in the future.  This page contains the version number of your edition of pasTransfer.  From this page you can also access:

About: Provides additional product information.

Licensing: Launches the pasProtect License Manager.  For detailed information see Licensing.

Services: Launches the pasTransfer Endpoint service.  This can be used to test pasTransfer connectivity with pasUnity.

Options:  Launches a window allowing the customization of temporary options to be used with the Option macro command to simulate options being passed into pasTransfer via the Execution service (such as pasUnity).

Configuration: Launches the configuration utility, allowing you to create and alter the service certificate and alter the Endpoint DNS host names, ports, and pasPortal certificate thumbprint in the default configuration file pasTransfer.exe.config.  You may also assign private key access to service accounts and assign port reservations for the certificate.


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