pasTransfer ships with several hundred different source and destination connection formats (amongst other features) built in but only a small portion of these are available without a license that specifically activates the desired functionality. You will only be able to see sample data sources and destinations and some limited functionality demonstration connections without a license.  After you install your license file the features you purchased will transition from either no or limited functionality to the full functionality that you purchased.


This product uses the pasProtect protection system to activate, manage, update, deactivate, and transfer product activations between machines and/or users.  Begin by opening pasTransfer, navigating to the Welcome, and pressing the Licensing... button.


Viewing License Status


You will be presented with a tabbed dialog box that allows you to obtain relevant product information and perform licensing operations.  The information tab shows you the version of the application that you are running and if you have Internet connectivity it will connect to the pasProtect web services to provide additional product information.  If the color of your application name is green, it means that a license has been found for your use.  If it is red a license has not been located or is not valid.


Activating Your License


From the pasProtect License Manager dialog select the Activate tab.  From here you have the option of activating your product using either a License Activation Code provided by your vendor or a License File in the event that you do not have Internet connectivity to the pasProtect web services.  Upon successful activation of your product the Information tab will show your product name in green and the license will appear on the Manage tab for more advanced actions.  It is also possible to use the activation functionality to activate pasUNITY products and components other than the product you are currently running.


NOTE: On machines where the UAC is active and enabled write access to the folder where license files are stored may be prohibited unless the application is launched with the Run As Administrator option in Windows.


In rare instances where Internet connectivity is not available pasUNITY can supply you with a one-time use license activation file.  DO NOT attempt to edit the file in any way.  Doing so will corrupt the document and render it unusable.


Managing Existing Activations


From the pasProtect License Manager dialog select the Manage tab.  You will be shown a grid that lists all of the licenses that your user account has access to, the product and version that the license applies to, the scope of the license activation, whether or not the license is valid, and whether or not the license is up to date. 


You have the option of deactivating your license activation for transfer to another machine and/or user or updating the license if your licensed feature set has changed.  To deactivate your license, click the red X next to your license activation.  You will be prompted as to whether or not you wish to deactivate.  You must accept to continue.  In the event that deactivation fails on the pasProtect license server you will be asked if you wish to remove the license anyway.  If you are deactivating because your license is corrupt or because it has already been removed from the server choose the option to remove it anyway.  If the license being deactivated is valid but you are having problems connecting to the pasProtect licensing services resolve the problem before continuing.  Once deactivation of a valid license activation is complete it may immediately be re-used by another machine and/or user.


In the event that you purchase additional features you will need to have the new features ADDED to your existing activation.  It is not possible to load multiple files or activate multiple license codes to combine license features.  In the event that your license is valid but does not appear up-to-date the Synchronized column will say false.  In this case press the circular update button to refresh your license from the remote server.  This will replace your current license with updated content from the license server.




If you are having trouble activating your license code, it is likely that you either do not have Internet connectivity or that your connection to the pasProtect licensing services are being inhibited by a firewall or anti-virus software.  In nearly every case the culprit is one of these two items.  To assist you in determining the source of the connection problem you may click the Status tab for an indication of whether the services are reachable and if not what the problem may be.


License Locations


Licenses are scoped either to machine (which allows any user of a computer to access the same features) and/or to a specific user.  Based on how a license is scoped it will be installed to different locations.

Licenses scoped to a machine and a user will be installed to the user's local application data folder found at %LOCALAPPDATA%\PAS\pasProtect\1.0

Licenses scoped to a user only will be installed to the user's roaming application data folder found at %APPDATA%\PAS\pasProtect\1.0

Licenses scoped to a machine only will be installed to the machine's application data folder found at %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\PAS\pasProtect\1.0

License Conflicts


In the event that you have multiple types of licenses installed they are accessed in the following order: First a license is searched for in the local profile application data, then the roaming profile application data, and finally in the all user profile common data folder on the local machine.  The first file encountered is the one that is used.  License files are never combined. If you wish to remove a license navigate to the folder listed above in the License Locations sections and manually delete the file.


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