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The pasUnity Matrix module allows for the configuration of custom attributes in addition to standard module attributes.


For settings common to all modules please see the modules settings topic.  Settings specific to this module are detailed below.


After being placed on a tab this module will not allow any usage under initial configuration has been completed by an administrative user to bind it to a service client configured in the Service Configuration Manager module.


Settings specific to this module are detailed below:


Service Type: This is the service type from the Service Configuration Manager module that details the pasUnity Matrix web service.

Service Client: This is the service client endpoint from the Service Configuration Manager module that contains the address details for the service.

Display Matrix: This is the name of the matrix to display by default.  If not configured, then all available matrices on the selected service client will be available.

Available Matrices Filter:  When Display Matrix is set to Allow Users to Select Matrix you have the ability to enter a Regular Expressions to limit the available matrices.

Enabled Matrix Views: When checked matrix views which are used to display subsets of columns and rows are available for selection.

Display Matrix View: Visible only when Enable Matrix Views is checked allows for the selection of a default view.  If not configured the end user can select.

Default Tag for Submitted Data Files: This allows you to set a tag that gets automatically appended to all files uploaded through the module.

Offset for Initial Matrix Date (Days): The number of days in the future or previous to the current date that will be used when rendering the matrix for the first time.  Typically, this a value of -1 for yesterday or 0 for today.


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