Role Membership Request Configuration




The Role Membership Request module allows for the configuration of custom attributes in addition to standard module attributes.


For settings common to all modules please see the modules settings topic.  Settings specific to this module are detailed below.


After being placed on a tab this module will not allow any usage until initial configuration has been completed by an administrative user.


This module functions outside the realm of the normal permissions hierarchy.  It can be viewed by any user with membership in Site Administrators, Security Administrators, or Dashboard Management site-level roles with no regard to permissions assigned to the tab on which the module is placed.  For more information on the roles referenced in this section please see the role based security topic.


This module allows end-users to apply for membership in a role and then allows administrative users to approve or reject those applications.  It is important to note that site-level roles are visible only by members of the Site Administrators and Security Administrators roles.  If one of those users configures the module to work with a site level role the settings shown in the settings designer will be read-only to all other users.


Settings specific to this module are detailed below:


Requested Role: Select a role from the drop down list of roles.  Note that if a site level role is selected only site-level administrative users can configure this module in the future.

Message for Users: This is the message that will be displayed to prospective members of the role.

Approved Message: This is the message that the user will receive once they have been approved for membership in the role via email.

Justification Required: If selected the user will be presented with a box in which they can describe why they feel they have a need for access is the role.

Auto Approval: If enabled any user who applies for membership in the role will succeed automatically.  Carefully consider design of the module before allowing this option.


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