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The pasProtect Products module is used to configure and request quotes for pasUNITY Enterprise Suite products with licensing provided by pasProtect.


This module functions outside the realm of the normal permissions hierarchy.  For more information on the roles referenced in this section please see the role based security topic.  Administrative users can configure additional module settings by clicking the  button.


If the module has not yet been configured a notice will appear to all users that configuration is required prior to first use.


NOTE: This module has special configuration requirements that must be performed prior to use.  See the pasProtect Products Configuration topic for more details.


Authenticated users will see a data table that contains the product name, product description, and product web site for all currently available applications.  Users can use this module to add product to their shopping cart by clicking the Add to Order button.  When adding a product to the shopping cart you will be prompted for a list of components to include in the license (if any).  Additionally, provide the number of seats that are required. 


To submit your order for quote click the Shopping Cart button.  You will be prompted to enter any notes or questions and then finally click the Submit for Quote button to send the quote and clear the cart.


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