pasProtect: Licensing


pasProtect is a set of Windows services, class libraries, management interfaces, and web services that allow end developers to implement end-to-end licensing solutions with an easy to navigate, easy to use graphical user interface.


How it Works


Users begin by defining products and components for licensing. They then define customers and grant licenses to them for varying combination of product components. Client applications can then use the XML web service interfaces to validate and download licensing data to local installations. Users may then view a list of license activations and track license usage.

To begin a system administrator installs and performs basic software configuration on a host or set of hosts. Installation is a simple process that can be completed in mere minutes.


Next the application administrator uses the pasProtect graphical user interface to configure agent settings, define products and components, establish customer accounts, create licenses, and start the agent services

Upon startup the pasProtect Service Host Agent begins hosting WCF XML web services which allow applications to silently send licensing requests to pasProtect for validation, activation, and logging in the pasProtect database. As long as the agent is running it is listening for new requests and is able to silently process those requests until such time as the service is stopped.


Each of the pasProtect agent service and user interface components listed above each perform a single, specific task which when used together combine to create a full-featured software licensing and enforcement system.


Product Highlights


Web-service enabled product licensing system

Easily track licenses and activations from the pasPortal

Easy activation requiring only a product key obtained from pasPortal

Download latest versions of pasUnity products and documentation

Manage any pasUnity product license from other pasUnity products

Manually issue licenses to remote, disconnected locations


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