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The pasProtect Licensed Products module allows users to view license details and download software and manuals for all pasUNITY Enterprise Suite purchases licensed using pasProtect.


This module functions outside the realm of the normal permissions hierarchy.  Any user can interact with this module but only members of Site Administrators can place and configure it.  For more information on the roles referenced in this section please see the role based security topic.


NOTE: This module has special configuration requirements that must be performed prior to use.  See the pasProtect Licensed Products Configuration topic for more details.


Any user who has purchased a pasUNITY Enterprise Suite product can use this module to receive license details.  The user must authenticate to pasPortal using the registered email address associated with the purchase order for the products or be designated as an alternate by that person.  Please contact your salesperson if you cannot access your licenses.


Each licensed product will be displayed along with the name of the product, product description, customer name, license code, license restrictions, and activations total and remaining.


From the Downloads tab you will be able to download the installation media for your registered products and often documentation in the form of a PDF.  Additional documentation is usually available after installation of your product as it is included on the media.


On the Components tab you can see each individual component included in your license along with a description and usage mode of either Full for purchased components or Restricted for components in a trial mode.


The Activations tab allows you to see the machine name where each instance of the software is installed and the user name of the user that activated the license.  If you need to move your product from machine to another make sure to use the built-in functionality within the application to deactivate the license and activate the license again on a new machine.


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