The HTML Tree module allows users to create and share hierarchically arranged articles complete with links to documents and videos with other users.


This module functions within the standard role-based security inheritance chain described in the tab designer topic.  Administrative users can configure additional module settings by clicking the  button.


Viewing Articles


All users with Read permissions on the tab have the ability to view articles.  The articles are organized in a hierarchal folder structure with folder names appearing along the left side.  Clicking on a folder name show the list of articles contained in the folder on the right side of the folders.  Users can view the article by clicking the article name which will expand the content.  Clicking an article name a second time will collapse the article.  Within the articles there may be square buttons with dark gray or purple backgrounds that when clicked display videos or download documents.  Additionally, it the module is located on a site-level tab it is possible to have dashboard-level overrides of the content that allow articles to be written for a generic audience but tailored for specific customers in a way that protects the data and delivers context.


Managing Articles


Users with Add permissions on the tab can click the  button to open the new article editor.  Users with Edit permissions on the tab can click the  button to edit an existing article.  Be sure to click the  button to save your changes when adding or editing content.  Users with Delete permissions on the tab can click the  button to remove the article from the system.


If the Enable Viewing and Editing of Dashboard-Level Content Overrides button is both visible and checked the edits made to the module will be to the dashboard-specific version of the article and not the base article.


The following attributes are available in the editor:


Title: The title of the article.  This value must not be blank and must be unique within the folder. 

Folder: This is the folder from the structure on the left where the document will reside. Click the + New Folder item to create new folders.

Article: This area is used to author the HTML content of the article. There graphical editor will help you generate the HTML so you do not need to know the details of the markup language.


This module has an extra special ability to work with content stored in Document and Video modules.  Users can click  button next to a document or video and copy a special token to the clipboard which they can then paste into the HTML body of the article.  At edit time it will look like this: #DOCUMENT#00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 but at runtime it turns into a pretty square button named after the document or video.  What makes this extra nice is that if the original document or video is edited the link point to the latest version of the item.


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