The Video module allows users to view videos stored in a hierarchical folder structure.


This module functions within the standard role-based security inheritance chain described in the tab designer topic.  Administrative users can configure additional module settings by clicking the  button.


Viewing Videos


All users with Read permissions on the tab have the ability to view video files.  The videos are organized in a hierarchal folder structure with folder names appearing along the left side.  Clicking on a folder name show the list of videos contained in the folder on the right side of the folders.  Users can view summary information for videos by clicking the  icon next to the video name or view the video by clicking the name.  Additionally, users can copy a special token to their clipboard for use in other modules that can contain video content by pressing the  button.


NOTE: The appropriate audio and video codecs must be installed on your system and enabled for use in the browser before audio and video playback is enabled.  If you do not hear audio or see video when you initiate playback, please see your local IT support staff for assistance configuring your machine and browser.


Managing Videos


Users with Add permissions on the tab can click the  button to open the new video editor.  Users with Edit permissions on the tab can click the  button to edit an existing video.  Be sure to click the  button to save your changes when adding or editing content.  Users with Delete permissions on the tab can click the  button to remove the video from the system.


The following attributes are available in the editor:


Video URL: This is the full path and name the video file in the ~/Uploads folder structure.

Poster URL: This is the full path and name of an image file loaded into the module prior to pressing the play button in the ~/Uploads folder structure.

Title: This is the name of the video as it will appear in the tree.

Folder: This is the folder from the structure on the left where the video will reside.

Summary: Provide HTML markup that describes the video.


NOTE: Only administrative users can place video files on the storage system for use with this module.


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