The Blogs page is used to keep you up to date on topics of discussion such as general information, insights, announcements, news, and commentary.


This blog page is not a module and is used to view blog content posted within the Blog Module.

In order to view blogs, the Blog Manager must be used to assign permissions to a blog.  After permissions have been granted for a blog, blog articles will inherit the permissions.




In order to navigate to the Blog page, click the  icon in the menu bar which appears in the top-right corner of the portal.


After the page loads, a list of available blogs will appear which have been published, along with a brief description of the types of articles that can be expected to appear within the blog.  Clicking on the name of the blog will direct you to a listing

of the articles contained within, in the order of newest to oldest.  Clicking on the title of the article will display the contents within.


On the top potion of the page is the navigation section, which will contain links to navigate back to the previous sections.


The right hand side of the page is divided into 3 sections:


Follow Us: Blogs support RSS feeds.  Clicking the RSS icon will navigate to the RSS page for the selected blog.  The link for the page can be consumed by an RSS reader.

Tags: Some articles may contain tags which help define the contents of the article.  The tags will contain a distinct list of all tags that appear within all articles in the blog.  The sizing of the tags will vary based on how often the tag has been used.

Archives: Blogs can begin containing many articles, and it may become harder to navigate to older articles.  The archives section will allow blog articles to be listed by month and year.  Each archive link includes the number of articles contained for the period.


After selecting an article, the contents for the article are displayed for viewing in the main section.


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