Mapping Manager




Mapping Manager is used to create, rename, download, clone, delete, and manage check out status for mappings stored in the pasPortal.


Opening the Mapping Manager will immediately display a list of all dashboards available from the pasPortal as a tree view.  Any dashboard that contains a mapping will be expandable to allow mapping management features.


Generate New Mapping


Right clicking on a dashboard will show a menu with the option to create a new mapping and save it to the pasPortal dashboard..  After a mapping is generated, it will immediately display inside the selected dashboard.  See Mapping Generator for more information.


Manage Existing Mappings


Right clicking on a mapping will show a menu with several options to allow management of available mappings stored on the pasPortal, and any of the following operations that manipulate a mapping will be immediately reflected on the pasPortal.


Clone - Selecting the clone option will make a duplicate copy of the selected mapping.  A prompt will display asking for a new mapping name.


Delete - Selecting the delete option will delete the selected mapping from the pasPortal.  The mapping will be permanently deleted and is not recoverable.


Download - Selecting the download option will create a Mapping Workbook. The selected mapping will be downloaded and displayed in this workbook.  A separate worksheet will be generated for the mapping defaults, processing defaults, and if any exist, mapping omissions.  This workbook is a mapping workbook, which can also contain lookups. Selecting this option will close the Mapping Manager.


Edit Columns - Opens the Mapping Schema Editor allowing you to add, remove, rename, and re-arrange column definitions in the mapping.


Rename - Selecting the rename option will change the name of the selected mapping.


Toggle Checkin/Checkout - Selecting this will present a message displaying the Checkin/Checkout status of the mapping.  It will also present the option to check the mapping in if it is checked out to the current user, or to check the mapping out if it is not currently checked out.


Note - Altering an existing mapping can break existing integrations.


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