Basic Guidelines




If you are having trouble executing jobs or implementing pasUnity functionality, please run through the following checklist before contacting technical support:

Review the help topics for the specific job step type, impeller type, or agent type.  The help files almost always contain more detail about the process mechanics than are found in the user interface.

Review recent application exceptions.  These are reported through the user interface by expanding the Activity node and selecting the Exceptions collection.  Detailed error information and trace data is often written to this log.  Most recent entries appear at the top of the list.

Review errors in the Windows Event Viewer.  Specifically, pasUnity writes events to the Application log but if you are automating other processes you may wish to review their logs and the Security log as well.

Enable Diagnostics mode on the Agent that is experiencing the problems.  Then restart the agent services and retry the failed operation manually.  Detailed information is displayed in the trace pane and the Windows Event Log.

Confirm that the version of the software you are using to edit pasUnity objects is the same as the version of the agent that is executing the jobs.  It is not supported to run agents with different versions when using shared configurations.

Review the Frequently Asked Questions section to see if there is a workaround for the issue you are experiencing.

If you have tried all of the above steps and still have not been successful in resolving your problem you may contact technical support using the procedure outlined here.


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