Recycle Bin




The recycle bin includes functionality for restoring items that have previously been marked for deletion and are no longer active in the system but are maintained for history, auditing, reference, or as a safety precaution.


Recovering Deleted Items


To recover a deleted item click the recover icon on the corresponding row on the data grid.  Depending on the type of object you are recovering you may be asked about the location and the name you wish to recover the deleted item to.  For example, when recovering impellers they must always be recovered to the same job they were deleted from but you may be able to give them a new name if another impeller with the same name already exists.  When recovering job it is possible to move them to a different agent as well as rename them.


Viewing Object Definitions


To view the definition of a deleted item click the view definition icon on the corresponding row on the data grid.  An editor will appear that gives you a read-only interface to review the deleted item.  If you wish to make changes you must recover the deleted item and use the appropriate editor.


Purging Deleted Items


To permanently purge a deleted item (and all related history for that item) click the  button on the corresponding row on the data grid. 


NOTE: This is a permanent action and CANNOT be undone.  This option is only available under specific licensed scenarios so these options may not be visible.


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