Outputs the value of a property of a data file.



1.DataFileProperty - Name of the Macro.

2.Data File ID - The ID of the data file to extract a property for.  The following property names are valid with this macro:

3.Property Name - The name of the property to get the value for.          

ContentSize - The size of the file in bytes.

ContentType - The MIME type of content stored in the file.

Contributor - The name or email address of the user that added the file to a DropBox.

DropBoxID - The ID of the DropBox that the file is stored in.

FileDate - The date representing the file was uploaded to a DropBox - typically does not include time.

FileName - The file name (including extension) of the file.

SubmitDate - The date and time when the file was submitted to a DropBox.

Tag - A value containing a user defined string associated with the file.

3.Default Value - An optional default value to return if the property is blank or not found.




Returns "256".



Returns "Sample File.txt".



Returns "default.txt".


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