Write Windows Event




The Write Windows Event job step type is used to write an event to the Windows Event log. 


This job step type extends basic job step functionality.  For details common to all job step types click here.


In addition to the common attributes shared by all job steps this job step type has the following attributes:


Event Detail tab:

Machine Name: Optional NETBIOS or DNS name of the Windows system to write the event to.  Blank value indicates the current machine.

Log Name: This is the name of the Windows Event Log to write the event to.  This value must exist and the application must have permissions to write to the event log.

Entry Type: This indicates the level of severity for exception events and outcome of security events.

Source: This is a string value that represents the application that is writing the event.

Event ID: Optional integer value that is used to define an exception number.  Default of 0 if not provided.

Message:  The text of the message to write to the event log.

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