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The Matrix Auto Load job step type is used to automatically extract email attachments from incoming message and load them into matrix DropBoxes using configuration details provided through the pasPortal Matrix module.


This job step type extends basic job step functionality.  For details common to all job step types click here.


In order to enable functionality in this job step you must first enable an email account for collection on the Matrix that you wish to auto load the attachments into and then configure Email Mode on the Matrix via the pasPortal.  All three Email Mode fields (From, Subject, and Filename) need to be defined.


In addition to the common attributes shared by all job steps this job step type has the following attributes:

File Date: A macro expression that can be used to extract the date to target the file to when uploading to the matrix.  The default if no macro expression is provided is to use the delivery date of the email message itself.

Fail Job if attachment matches multiple DropBoxes: If checked and an attachment matches criteria for multiple DropBox upload nothing will get uploaded for the entire mail message and the job will fail and remain in the work queue until handled manually.

This job step has the following custom macro commands:

{FILENAME-DATE}: Extracts a date from the name of the attachment if possible and returns an empty value if it cannot detect a valid date.

{SUBJECT-DATE}: Extracts a date from the subject of the email message if possible and returns an empty value if it cannot detect a valid date.

{MESSAGE-DATE}: Gets the delivery date of the email message.  Note that the delivery date may not be in the local time depending on the mail server being used.

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