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The pasPortal File Upload job step type is used to upload a single file to a pasPortal File Drop on a hosted instance of the pasPortal web application.


This job step type extends basic job step functionality.  For details common to all job step types click here.


In addition to the common attributes shared by all job steps this job step type has the following attributes:

pasPortal Account (Email): The login name (email address) of the registered pasPortal user with permission to load files to a pasPortal File Drop via the pasPortal Web Service interface.

pasPortal Password: The password used to authenticate to pasPortal.

File Drop Name: The name of the pasPortal File Drop to upload files to.  When browsing the pasPortal Web Services the credentials used are those specified above.  The browser interface will show a list of dashboards that the configured user has access to.  Click a dashboard to dynamically detect and expand a list of File Trees.  Click a File Tree to dynamically expand a list of File Drops.  Double-click a File Drop to select it and save your selection.  After selection of a valid pasPortal File Drop the full path to the drop will be visible in the form of DashboardName\FileTree\FileDrop.

Source File: The name of the file to upload to pasPortal.  This may be one of the custom parsing tokens visible by clicking the Macros button.

Ignore Zero-Length Files: Skips job step operation if the file to upload is detected as have a size of 0 bytes indicating no content.

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