Create File




The Create File job step is used to create a file in the file system with a specific encoding and contents.


This job step type extends basic job step functionality.  For details common to all job step types click here.


In addition to the common attributes shared by all job steps this job step type has the following attributes:


File tab:

File Name: The location and name of the file to create.

<Body>: The textual contents of the file to create.

Advanced tab:

Fail job if file already exists: If checked the job step will automatically report failure if the file being created already exists.

Parse script and apply macros: Check if you wish to transform pasUnity macros and parsing expressions before the file is created.  This box will usually be checked.

File Encoding: The character encoding used to create the file.  The default is Unicode (UTF-8) but in many cases it may be desirable to change this to a less-versatile format for compatibility with legacy applications (such as US-ASCII).


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