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The Add File To DropBox job step type is used to insert a single data file into a specific column/row/date coordinate of a Matrix.


Matrix functionality requires either a subscription to the hosted pasPortal collaboration application or the development of custom interfaces.


The job will fail if the storage limit for the matrix is exceeded or if the maximum number of files for the DropBox has been reached.


This job step type extends basic job step functionality.  For details common to all job step types click here.


In addition to the common attributes shared by all job steps this job step type has the following attributes:


DropBox tab:

Source File: The fully qualified name of the existing file to upload to the DropBox.

Ignore Zero-Length Files: Skips job step operation if the file to upload is detected as have a size of 0 bytes indicating no content.

Selection Mode: Determines the type of logic used to target the DropBox into which the file will be inserted.

Specific DropBox: Choose this option when the exact column and row values of the DropBox can be determined when authoring the job.

DropBox: The exact DropBox (specified using column/row) that the file is to be deposited into.

Dynamic DropBox: Choose this option when the column and row of the DropBox cannot be determined until the job is executing.

Matrix: The name of the matrix that contains the DropBox you wish to target.

Matrix Column Name: The name of the column used to target the DropBox.

Matrix Row Name: The name of the row used to target the DropBox.

Allow Reference Files: When checked the Target Date can be omitted enabled the upload of reference files.

Target Date: The periodic date/time value to target for the data file being added.  The default value is {UNITY-WORK-QUEUEDATE} - the date and time the work was enqueued.  Optional when Allow Reference Files is checked.

Tag (Optional): An optional value which can be used to filter impellers or simply provide additional information about a file.

Contributor (Optional): An optional value which can be set using a Macro or Parameter to communicate the email address of the user providing the file.

Data File ID Output Parameter (Optional): If a value is provided the DataFileID of the newly created data file will be stored in a parameter named for the value provided.

The job will fail if the Processor Agent account does not have permission to read the Source File.

After making changes be sure to press the Update button to save your changes.


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