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Favorites are addresses in URL format that refer to resources accessed using common web protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.


Favorites can be used to embed content from FTP and Web servers directly into pasUnity.  Typical examples include folders on FTP servers that contain frequently accessed files or custom reports on web servers that augment the built-in reporting views already included in pasUnity.


The functionality of FTP and Web servers may vary depending upon your operating system, browser, version, and Internet options.


Creating Favorites


To create a new favorite, select and then right-click the Favorites node in the tree view navigation pane and choose Add New Favorite from the context menu.  At a minimum you need to supply a well-formed URL consisting of a protocol and address to create a favorite.  Creating a favorite automatically launches the favorite editor for further customization.  Favorites can be created either under the top level container in the navigation pane or under a specific agent folder.


Editing Favorites


To edit a favorite, select the favorite node in the tree view navigation pane to open the favorite editor in the context pane. 


Favorites have the following attributes which can be modified through the editor via the Information area:

Name: The friendly name and caption for the favorite that will appear in the navigation tree view pane.

URL: The specific address of the resource that the favorite refers to.

Tool Tip: The text that is displayed when the user hovers over the favorite in the navigation tree view pane.

After making changes be sure to press the Save button to save your changes.

Deleting Favorites

To remove a favorite, select and then right-click the favorite node in the tree view navigation pane and choose Delete... to remove the favorite permanently from the database and the user interface.


Viewing Favorites


The primary use of Favorites is to store URL and notations about any system the interactive user might need to reference.  Some favorites can be viewed using the integrated browser (which employs only basic Internet Explorer functionality) and other favorites may need to be viewed outside the application for a more full-featured experience.  To do so, right-click on the Favorite Name in the tree node and select Open in New Window...  Favorites can be saved in the main tree node or within the Favorites node of a specific Agent.


Users can also view favorites by selecting the favorite node in the tree view navigation pane and click on the Browse tab in the context pane.


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