Data File Processing Wizard




The Data File Processing Wizard allows for mass reprocessing of jobs and deletion of multiple data files within a matrix.  To launch the Wizard, navigate to a Matrix node, right click the node, and select Process Data Files.


DropBox Selection


Use this page to select the DropBoxes to search for data files in.  You must make at least one selection to continue.  DropBoxes can only be searched within a single matrix at a time.  White cells represent a specific DropBox residing at the corresponding X and Y coordinates in the grid.  Double-clicking the check box in these cells will select that single DropBox as part of the search criteria.  Blue cells represent a column or row header.  Double-clicking a blue cell will select or de-select all DropBoxes residing within the corresponding column or row.   Grayed out cells are coordinates where no DropBox exists.


Data File Criteria


Though search criteria is not required, it is helpful with finding specific data files residing across multiple DropBoxes.  Clicking the check box next to each search item will enable the selected search item.

File Name: The file name criteria is not an exact match, but will instead return all files with a file name that contains the entered file name.  SQL wildcards can be used.

Tag: The tag criteria is not an exact match, but will instead return all files with a tag that contains the entered tag.  SQL wildcards can be used.

Contributor: The contributor criteria is not an exact match, but will instead return all files with a contributor that contains the entered contributor.  SQL wildcards can be used.

Reference: Whether the desired files are reference files.  As reference files do not contain a file date, the file date option is disabled when reference is selected.

File Date: A range of dates to search for which to match a data files file date.  As reference files do not contain a file date, they will not be included in the returned data files.

Submit Date: A range of dates to search for  which to match a data files submit date.

NOTE: If no criteria is selected, all data files within all selected DropBoxes will be returned.


Data File Selection


This page will present the user with a list of all data files that meet the search criteria provided on the previous page.  At least one data file is required to proceed to the next page.  Double-click the check box in the row for each data file you wish to include.  You can toggle all file to the selected state by checking the check box in the upper left.  Clearing the check will toggle all files unselected.


Selecting the blue Information icon will display the job history for the selected data file.


Process Data Files


Once all applicable data files have been selected, they can be mass-processed in the following ways:

Reprocess Jobs: Reprocess all jobs associated with the selected data files.

Process Specific Jobs: Process only specific jobs.  After this option is selected, you will need to select one or more Impellers for which to process the data files.

Delete: This action will delete every data file that was selected in the prior step.  Optionally, the delete operation can fail if active work exists for any of the data files if desired.

Update: This option allows you to update data file attributes and optionally reprocess impellers to enqueue work.  To apply an attribute change check the box next to the attribute name and enter a macro expression.  NOTE: Macro expressions are limited to those that do not require a work execution context.

Content Type: This is the HTTP file type used to identify to web browsers how to select a file handler.  This value cannot be empty.

Contributor:  This is the identity of the person that uploaded the file.

File Date: This is the date on the matrix where the file is stored.  An empty value indicates that the file is a reference file.

File Name: This is the short name of the file including the extension.  This value cannot be empty.

Tag: This is a value set by the upload user that is used to convey additional information about the file that can be used during job processing.

Options: These value control how updates affect work in the queue

Allow Work in Queue: When checked existing work in the queue will not cause the update to fail if an update to the file is detected.

Purge Queue:  When checked work already in the queue related to the files being updated will be purged if there is an update to the file.

Reprocess Work: When checked the updated data files are compared against existing impellers to see if they need to enqueue work - regardless if the impeller was triggered previously.

NOTE: After Data Files are mass-processed, any changes CANNOT be undone.  All operations are all-or-nothing, and if the operation fails for one file, it will fail for all files.




After clicking next, the mass-processing operation will be completed.  On success, the wizard can be exited.  If another operation needs to be performed in the matrix, check the Restart Wizard check box to begin with new search criteria.


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