Working with Credentials




Credentials are named collection of key/value pairs of information used in sensitive operations.


Management of credentials is centrally controlled and configured at either the system or agent level.  To manage credentials at the system level you must have Full or Security system access.  To manage credentials at the agent level you must have Full or Security system access or Edit agent access.


Creating Credentials


To create a new credential click the Add button and supply a unique name for your credential.  After the credential has been added you can edit the key/value pairs in the editor on the bottom.


Editing Credentials


To edit a credential, select the select the credential in the grid and press the Show Credential button in the editor on the bottom.  Do not forget to press Update to save your changes.


Credentials can store an unlimited number of key/value pairs:

Name: The unique key used to lookup the value stored in the credential.  Names are always visible to job authors.

Value: The string value associated with the key.  Values are only visible after the Show Credential button is pushed which will audit the usage.

Deleting Credentials


To permanently delete a credential click the  button on the data grid.


Credential History


From the History tab on the credential editor pane you have the option of viewing the history of the credential which includes edits and usage by individuals and jobs.


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