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pasTransfer is an enterprise ETL (extract/transform/load) tool used primarily for moving accounting-centric data between various systems.


pasTransfer is capable of reading accounting data from a wide range of sources including spreadsheets, text files, XML files, web services, databases, and more. It then normalizes the extracted data and can pass it through business rules of varying complexity and even reshape or aggregate data before mapping and appending key fields such as account codes and transaction analysis before sending it on for processing and storage in a different accounting system.


pasTransfer works as a part of the pasUNITY Enterprise Suite to create enterprise scope integrations between dozens or even hundreds of different accounting systems include POS, back office, BI, and PMS systems.


Built in auditing, reporting, and alerting features allow users to quickly respond to problems in data transformations and in many cases using our intelligent platform auto-correct errors.


pasTransfer is commonly used in integration projects to move data seamlessly between legacy systems or multi-vendor solutions. Typical tasks include trial balance transfers, activity transfer, COA synchronization, and vendor detail transfers.


pasTransfer is commonly used in migration projects to quickly and easily recode ledger transactions in conjunction with COA changes. Typical tasks include re-mapping account codes, appending transaction analysis, and elimination of redundant data through aggregation.


The intuitive macro language that can be used to build simple in-line expressions that can be injected into the transformation process at nearly any point to customize transformations. Mapping sheets can be managed in Microsoft Excel or on the web using the pasPortal mapping management system.


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