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This guided tour will walk you through the Vendor Wizard pages using the sample data which comes with all pasTransfer installations.


From the Start Menu navigate to the pasTransfer folder and select pasTransfer - Vendor Wizard.



The first time the program launches you will see a Welcome page and be offered the opportunity to skip that page in the future. Click Next to continue.



Notice that the Configuration page contains color-coded sections. Sections bordered in green are intended to gather or communicate generic information about the ETL process. Sections bordered in blue are specific to the data source. Sections bordered in gold are specific to the data destination.  Set the Source and Destination Configurations to {Default}.  Click Next to continue.



You will now select your Source and Destination Connections.  For the purpose of this guided tour we will set the Source Connection to Sample Source and the Destination Connection to Sample Destination.  Click Next to continue.



Notice that the border is now entirely blue, indicating that you are working with source information.  Data has now been imported from the source connection (in this case it is embedded within the application) and the extraction phase is complete.  The application reports that 10 total vendor lines have been processed.  We also see that no problems occurred with our source data. If problems had occurred, detailed information would be listed here.  Click Next to continue.



You will now export the transformed data to a text file.  Set your Output File to C:\OUTPUT.TXT.  Click Next to create the file and continue.



You have now successfully transformed the source data to a destination text file. You now have the option to save your settings and either close or restart the wizard at the beginning to process another file. Click Finish to save your settings and close the wizard.



This is the most basic example of pasTransfer capabilities. Explore other source and destination combinations on your own to view other product capabilities. Further details on the individual pages shown may be accessed from the application by pressing F1 while on a specific page.


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