pasTransfer Vendor XML Source




pasTransfer Vendor XML Source


The pasTransfer Vendor XML Source source connection is used to import one or more files created by the pasTransfer Vendor XML Destination connection generated by a previous transformation.


This allows for complex integrations in which the data must undergo multiple transformations or for the combining of multiple output files. 


Common Scenarios:


Source data is derived from multiple files or query results that must be extracted individually and only after all source files have been successfully validated and/or mapped combined into a single output for submission to the destination as an atomic batch that succeeds or fails as a single unit (all or nothing).


Source data must undergo multiple mapping phases using multiple mapping sheets for purposes of summarizing (grouping with aggregate functions) or complex mapping in which a first pass transforms key attributes for use by the second phase mapping sheets.



To provide multiple files enter the names of the files separated by semi-colon characters or use a Macro Expression (such as [Option]) to dynamically provide the filename(s).


The file format is proprietary to the application and is not intended for any usage scenario outside of the application.


The file format is backwards and forwards compatible for any build of the application with the same major version number.


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