Excel Spreadsheet




Excel Spreadsheet


The Excel Spreadsheet destination allows the transformation of your source data into a custom Excel spreadsheet.


Excel Spreadsheet Export Page

Worksheet Name:  The name of the worksheet which will contain the transformed data.

First Row Column Names:  If this option is selected, the first row of the worksheet will contain the names of the columns.  If left unchecked, the column names will be omitted.

Filter On Column Names:  This option is only available if First Row Column Names is selected.  This option will put a filter on the cells in the first row to filter data contained below.

Excel Writer Column Macros Page


The Excel Writer Column Macros Page is used to map properties and attributes from the source document to columns on the worksheet.  The list box on the left contains all of the available macros originating from the source document.  These support drag and drop, and can be dropped into the column macros data grid.  The column name will default to the name of the attribute or property.  The column macros data grid also supports drag and drop, allowing you to change the order of the columns to appear in the worksheet.


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