Resolves the output of another macro command.  Macro commands may be nested and when they are the nested macros resolve and pass their value up through the call stack until they are ultimately emitted by the topmost macro in the call stack.  The value that is emitted is a string value that can typically does not get further resolved.  The resolve macro ensures that the results of a macro expression are not just emitted as a string value but are themselves resolved again in the event the the macro expression contained or constructed a new macro expression.



1.Resolve - Name of the Macro.

2.Expression - Any valid macro expression for which the output is to be resolved instead of treated as a literal.




In this example the option Password contains a valid macro expression (for instance [Reveal|A1fdsa45F3SD34sab4=]) which at runtime we want to resolve a second time and emit the value P@ssw0rd for example.


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