Returns a string representing a period in YYYYPPP format (unless overridden) representing the four-digit year and three-digit period base on the current period (unless overridden) and period definitions.



1.Period - Name of the Macro.

2.Period Offset - Either an integer expressing the period offset or one of the following predefined options (Current, First, Last, Previous, Next).  If blank or not supplied, Current is used.

3.Format String - If not supplied the format used is YYYYPPP.  A .NET string format with escaped { and } characters may be used with {{0}} denoting the year and {{1}} denoting the period.

4.Reference Period/Date - A default accounting period in YYYYPPP format or a transaction date in YYYY-MM-DD format to source the offset operation against.











Period modification will be adjusted based on the current period settings specified in pasTransfer.


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