Macro Designer




Macro Designer


From any page within the pasTransfer wizard you can press F2 and open the macro designer window. 


You can use this tool to prototype macro expressions and optionally save them back to the wizard.


In the tree control on the left side of the window is a list of all the macro commands that are currently available to you.  To the right of the tree is the formula editor. The formula editor will show your macro expressions using syntax coloring to show you the location of macros and indicate to you whether your macro syntax is well formed.


When working in the macro editor the background color of the text box will be a light red if there is an obvious syntax violation (such as a missing command delimiter).  Each individual macro expression will also change color in the editor as you are typing.  To keep things more clear to the author nested macro expressions will change to be a different color than their parent expression.


At the bottom of the form next to the cancel button a save button will appear if the wizard control that was active before you pressed F2 was a macro-enabled control.  This allows you to directly save your edits back to the macro-enabled control without cutting-and-pasting.


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