Import Source Data and Review Warnings




A long running import will result in a form popping up notifying you the import is in process. Pressing the cancel button will stop the processing and prevent you from moving forward in the wizard.  Once the form disappears, data has been read from the source connection and the extraction phase is complete.  In the event that warnings or errors occurred detailed information would appear on this page.  At the bottom of the page is a summary of the number of regular lines parsed from the source and how long it took to process the data.

Total Journal Lines (Regular, MCR, & OFF): The total number of journal lines including the below.

R: Regular: The original lines imported from the source connection.

M: MCR: A special account created by pasTransfer to capture Multi Currency Rounding amounts.

O: OFF: A special account created by pasTransfer to capture any Offset value needed to balance the imported data.

Original Balance From Source: The original balance from the source using Credit and Debit markers and the source currency excluding offset entries

Converted Balance From Source: The converted balance from the source using Credit and Debit markers and using the destination currency.  The converted balance reflects any currency conversion as well as the Amount Processing Style (normal, reversed, credits, debits) and currency conversion rates.

Summarize On Import: When checked, an additional set of pages will appear in the wizard that allow you to specify grouping conditions that allow you to potentially reduce the amount and detail of data processed.

Import Summary: This button generates a pop-up window displaying the below information which can be copied to the clipboard as detailed here.

Process Again: After fixing any errors the user can click this button to reprocess the data.

NOTE: If designer mode is active, zero lines of data will be imported.


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