Validate and Review Mappings




Total Number Of Line Items:  The total number of lines items.

Number of Line Items with Problems:  The number of line items with problems.  If problems exist this number will be red.

Manual Adjustments: Make manual adjustments to the account mapping.  See below for additional information.

All: Allows adjustments to be made to all lines.

Not Mapped: Allows adjustments to be made only to those lines which have not been mapped.

Create Mappings: This button generates a pop-up window displaying account information which can be copied to the clipboard.

All: Lists all lines from the source file.

Not Mapped: Lists only unmapped lines.

View Warnings: This button will only appear if warnings were encountered during processing.  This button generates a pop-up window listing all warning information.

Retry Validation: After fixing any errors the user can click this button to reprocess the data.  Reprocessing the data will cause any manual adjustments to be lost.

Preview XML in Excel: Provides a preview of the full audit XML file (this can be done even if the user did not opt to create an audit file).  The file includes the pasTransfer settings as well as the details of the source to destination process.


Making Manual Adjustments


To make manual adjustments to the account mapping begin by selecting either All or Not Mapped and then clicking the Manual Adjustments button.  This will open the Mapping Editor.


The top of the editor lists all source Mapping Keys.  When a Mapping Key is selected on the top of the page the bottom will automatically populate with the Mapping Action and any custom fields available to the destination.


Changing the Destination Mapping


To change the destination mapping click into the field that you wish to change and type a new value.  Continue until you have made all of your adjustments.  When finished, simply close the mapping editor page.


NOTE: Pressing the Retry Validation button will result in any manual adjustments being lost.

NOTE: If designer mode is active, mapping will not occur.


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