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pasPortal is a combination security framework and and online application that provides a personalized, single point of access to critical information and services. pasPortal is the answer for companies that manage their organization utilizing the web, as it is designed to eliminate the guesswork of missing information and wasted time. Simply log on and pasPortal provides the personalized reports, documents, information and access to applications one needs. This innovative approach is uniquely simple and delivers big returns by allowing managers and staff to stay better informed which in turn, improves performance.


pasPortal is also the primary interface for accessing hosted data center services including Remote Desktop access to applications and data from the pasUNITY Enterprise Suite. Our data center customers appreciate the ease by which pasPortal makes their various documents, data, and applications easily available.


pasPortal has a simple, intuitive UI that allows you to design, arrange, and present your data through dozens of different types of modules which can be logically grouped into tabs and sub-tabs each with their own discrete sets of security. Content can be quickly and easily arranged and even styled to blend or contrast with other content.


pasPortal is even equipped with a virtual help desk. Need to get a support question answered? Log an incident? It's all there, with streaming audio/video and graphics to provide users the assistance they need, 24 hours a day.


pasPortal provides an affordable means for companies to extend their services and create profit centers via the web. Contact us for more information or to arrange a demonstration.


pasPortal is a combination security framework and specialized web application that provides end-users a wide array of capability all designed to provide a best-in-class experience for a wide array of needs.


Many users will use pasPortal as a simple collaborative environment for authoring, sharing, and searching for documents and other information.  pasUnity Enterprise Data Center customers will use pasPortal as their gateway to hosted web and Remote Desktop applications.  Retail customers will use pasPortal to download purchased applications and manage application licenses.  pasUNITY Enterprise Suite customers will use pasPortal as the security framework and user interface for licensed components deployed as part of a custom integration or automation project.


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