Shopping Cart Configuration




The Shopping Cart module allows for the configuration of custom attributes in addition to standard module attributes.


For settings common to all modules please see the modules settings topic.  Settings specific to this module are detailed below.


After being placed on a tab this module will not allow any usage under initial configuration has been completed by an administrative user.


This module is designed to be able to use either the internal mail system or an external mail system to enable the use of shopping carts for partners selling products through the system.


Settings specific to this module are detailed below:


Use System Setting for SMTP: When selected the system mail account is used to send confirmation messages; otherwise manually provided details are used.

SMTP Server: The DNS name of the SMTP server to relay message through.

SMTP Port: The TCP port number of the SMTP service on the SMTP Server.  Typically, this port 25 for standard SMTP and 587 for secure SMTP.

SMTP User Name: The user name to authenticate to the SMTP server as.

SMTP Password: The password to authenticate to the SMTP server with.

Send To Address: The email address for the shopping cart contents to be submitted to.


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