Discussion Groups




The Discussion Groups module is used to carry on collaborative discussions with other users.


This module functions within the standard role-based security inheritance chain described in the tab designer topic.  Administrative users can configure additional module settings by clicking the  button.


Viewing Threads


All users with Read permissions on the tab have the ability to view discussion threads.  The threads are organized in a hierarchal folder structure with discussion thread names appearing along the left side.  Clicking on a thread name shows the discussion thread on the right side of the folders.  Users can read thread content and see who posted it and when.


Managing Threads


Users with Add permissions on the tab can click the  button to open the new thread editor.  Be sure to click the  button to save your changes when adding or editing content.  Users with Delete permissions on the tab can click the  button to remove a thread from the system.  To reply to an existing thread post, click the Reply button.


The following attributes are available in the editor:


Subject:  Name of the thread or title of a reply

Body:  The article content of the thread post.

The Discussion Groups module is used to create interaction between users for the purpose of formally or informally sharing ideas, solving issues, or just general discussion on a specific topic.


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