Data Table




The Data Table module is used to create and edit data in a user-defined, two-dimensional table that can be shared with other users.


This module functions within the standard role-based security inheritance chain described in the tab designer topic.  Administrative users can configure additional module settings by clicking the  button.


If the module has not yet been configured an empty data table with no columns will be displayed.


NOTE: This module has special configuration requirements that must be performed prior to use.  See the Data Table Configuration topic for more details.


Viewing Data


All users with Read permissions on the tab have the ability to view data which is displayed in a sortable data table that can be sorted by clicking on the column names.


Managing Data


Users with Add permissions on the tab can click the  button to open the new row editor.  Users with Edit permissions on the tab can click the  button to edit an existing row.  Be sure to click the  button to save your changes when adding or editing content.  Users with Delete permissions on the tab can click the  button to remove the row from the table.


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