Working With Employees




An employee is representative of any Active Directory user principal which has successfully authenticated and launched pasGuard. When an employee opens pasGuard for the first time, the employee will automatically be added to the database using information supplied via Active Directory Domain Services.  Each time the application is run thereafter, the employee will be logged into the database and if their details have changed they will be updated.


Editing Employees


Only the following properties are editable.  All remaining fields are automatically updated through Active Directory


First Name:  The first name of the employee.

Last Name:  The last name of the employee.

Email:  The email address of the employee.

Is Active:  The status of the employee.  Double click the active box to toggle the active status of the employee.  If the employee is marked as inactive, that employee will no longer be able to run pasGuard


Clicking on an employee lists all credentials the employee has viewed since the last time the credential was updated.  Domain administrators may delete an employee after deactivating an employee and updating all credentials the employee has viewed by highlighting the employee and pressing the DELETE button.


NOTE: A user cannot mark themselves as inactive.  Full permissions at the System level are required to edit an employee.


NOTE: The Employee node will only be available to users with Full or Security Manager permissions at the System level.


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