Working With Customers




Customers allow for the grouping of credentials.  Customers can be used to qualify, filter, and secure groups of related credentials.  A single credential must be placed into one and only one customer.  A customer can contain an unlimited number of credentials.


Creating Customers


Click the Customers node in the navigation tree view and click the Add button to create a new Customer.  An input box will appear asking for a new customer name.  Customer names must be unique and distinguishable from other customers.  After entering the customer name, the customer will be created and displayed in the main grid.


Editing Customers


A customer can be deleted once the customer has no credentials assigned to it by selecting the customer and pressing the DELETE button on the keyboard.  Once a customer is selected from the top grid, the Customer Editor will be displayed in the right panel.


General Tab


To edit a customer, select the existing category from the main grid.  In the right hand panel, text boxes will be displayed.


Customer Name:  The unique name of the customer.


Notes:  Any additional notes that may be of use to other users.


Press Update to update the customer in the database.


Permissions Tab


The permissions tab will display the permission editor for the selected customer.  All users are able to view customer permissions and customer permission history.  Only users with Security System Permissions or Customer System Permissions are able to assign permissions to other principals.  See the Permissions section for information on permissions.


Editing Credentials


Once a customer is selected from the top grid, all credentials belonging to that customer will be displayed in the bottom grid.  Selecting the credential will display the Credential Editor in the right panel.  See Working With Credentials for more details.


NOTE: Only users with Full system level permissions are able to add and edit customers. Once a customer is created, it cannot be deleted.


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