Working With Activity




The Activity node is a parent node that contains children nodes which represent utilities which monitor activity and errors within the application.


Viewing Exceptions


Selecting the Exceptions node will display a grid containing all exceptions that have been thrown by pasGuard along with detailed information about the exception.  Double clicking on an exception in the grid will copy the stack trace for that exception into the detail text box below.


The exception table can be cleared by selecting the exceptions node, right clicking the node and selecting Clear Exceptions... from the menu.  In order to clear the exceptions table, the user must have full permissions at the system level.


Viewing Credential History


Selecting the History node will display a grid containing all logged credential activity.  This is a quick-glance view that is filterable by Credential and Employee.  Using the list boxes at the top of the grid, choose a credential name or employee log-on name to apply the filter to the grid.


The History Viewer is split into two data grids.


Change History:  The change history data grid will display an entire history of all reads and updates performed on each credential.  This can be filtered on a specific credential or employee.


Access History:  The access history data grid will display all credentials which have been read since the credentials password or user name have been updated.  This can be filtered on a specific credential or employee to either view all employees who have viewed a credential, or all credentials an employee has viewed.


The Credential History Editor supports copy-paste, as to make it easier to migrate the log to Excel or a similar application for documenting.  CTRL+A will select all the rows in the visible grid before or after filters are applied.  The interacting user can also use the mouse to customize the selection.  Holding control while clicking will add or remove the intended row from the overall selection, while holding shift while clicking will highlight all rows in between the first selected row and the intended row.  CTRL+C will copy the selection to the clipboard.


NOTE: The Activity node will only be available to users with Security level permissions or higher.


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