Mapping Workbook Management




After a mapping has been downloaded to a workbook, the workbook is flagged as a Mapping Workbook and several options become available, allowing for easy management of the mapping that is stored within the pasPortal.


Validate Mapping - The validate mapping option will scan the mapping workbook to ensure that it meets the requirements for the mapping, including the correct columns and values.  An option to clean up the formatting will present itself, and selecting "Yes" will automatically format abbreviations and character casing to a uniform style.


Upload Mapping - The upload mapping option will perform a mapping workbook validation.  Once successfully validated, pasFusion will communicate with the pasPortal to verify the mapping is not currently checked out.  The mapping worksheets will then be uploaded to the pasPortal and will become immediately available.


Refresh Mapping - The refresh mapping option will reset the mapping worksheets from the pasPortal.  Any changes will be lost.


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